Holy War on Exams

Different faith symbols

In the news there have been reports that some Jews have been having problems getting exams rearranged for religious reasons.  As you are probably aware the Jewish festival Shavuot is coming up.  This festival is a time when Jews celebrate the giving of the Torah (the Jewish bible).  Jews eat milky foods and decorate places with flowers to celebrate.

The exam period clashes with Shavuot and there has been some discussions with the universities as to whether Jewish students should be allowed to take the exams at a different time to their classmates.  According to Jewish News Online at least 56 cases have been reported where students have been affected by the clash.

Interestingly Muslim students have also been affected by exam clashes.  For Muslims it is Eid - the breaking of the fast at the end of Ramadan.  Nora Shelley reported that students at UCT will have the option to take their exams the day after to allow time for prayer.

In Jamaica Adventists want to change the date of exams due to their Sabbath.  For the full report click here.

What do you think?  Should exam dates be changed for religious reasons?  Would it make more sense to have exams at a different time altogether?  Leave your comments below.


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