Missed Exams

What do you do if you miss an exam?

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  • And the reasoning for missing you exam is...

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances an exam has to be missed.  For example, maybe you got seriously sick or heaven forbid you were involved in an accident on the day of the exam, a close family member dies, there is a domestic crisis.  These circumstances are counting as extenuating circumstances.  The first port of call is to contact your teacher/school and they will be able to help you through.  If you are seriously sick you may be asked to prove this with a doctor's note or medical records.  Death notes may also be required.  You may then be able to sit the exam at a later date or sometimes marks are decided from coursework and other exams in the subject including classwork.

It should be noted that sometimes the exam centre or where your sitting the exam messes up.  For example, you may be given the wrong paper, their may be a disturbance in the exam room (e.g. fire), the recording devise is not working for an oral exam or even the centre hasn't taken the previously agreed steps to make it possible for you to sit the exam (e.g. disability access, scribes, readers).  These are also counted as extenuating circumstances and it may again be possible for you to resit or for other arrangements to be made.

Additionally, sometimes for religious reasons or a student has to attend an event (e.g. a sports event) may be taken into account.  However, for these events alternative arrangements should usually be pre-planned with the teacher/school/relevant exam bodies.

  • Don't Panic

It is easy to say but you are more likely to think logically if your not in a complete tis.

  • Is there still time...?

Maybe you woke up late or you can make the last 45 minutes of the exam.  It may be better to sit some of the exam and get a low pass than to sit none of the exam and get a fail.

  • Can you resit?

It may be worth finding out if you can resit the exam maybe next year or at college.

Finally it is by no means a good thing to miss an exam and you should try to attend if possible.  The Joint Council For Qualifications has a booklet on the special consideration process.  It details exactly what is regarded as extenuating circumstances and when allowances will be made and when not.  It also goes into detail about how they are calculated.  To read the booklet click here.

Do you have any other suggestions to help your fellow students?  Leave your comments below.

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