7 Steps to Exam Paper Success

Exam Paper Technique for 11+, GCSE etc.

So you are going to sit a paper.  How do you maximise the marks in the shortest time possible?

 Sitting a Maths Paper

Step 1: Make sure your name is on the paper and you follow the instructions when sitting your paper.

Step 2: In the first 2 minutes of an exam flick through the paper and check how many pages there are and where all the questions are.  Check the back page and see if there is a question there.

Step 3: You want to maximise your marks in the shortest time possible.  Answer all the 1 and 2 mark questions first that you find easy.  Skip over other questions to begin with.

Step 4: Go through the paper again.  Answer all the questions worth more than 2 marks that you find easy.  Skip over other questions.

Step 5: Now you should be left with just the trickier questions.  Answer as many as you can.  Remember often you will get marks for trying a question so it is better to try your best and show some working out then to leave questions completely blank.

Step 6: In the 10 minutes at the end check through your paper and make sure you answered every question correctly.  Check for little mistakes and units of measurement.

Step 7: If you have completed the paper in record time do not simply sit in the exam staring into space.  Instead keep checking your paper.  Run through it from the beginning and try to figure out what the marks are each for.  Have you included the working out, formulae, unit of measurements etc.?  Is your writing easy to read?  Can the examiner logically follow your working outs?  Have you included diagrams where necessary? 

Do you have any other exam technique suggestions?  Share them here by commenting below.

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