My child has under performed in the UK SATs what should I do?

According to the Government SATs results are up with 64% of students attaining the national average in Maths, Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.  Some students will have exceeded expectation and some students will unfortunately be below average.  Interestingly the SATs results were removed from the website after some school's results were higher than they should be.

Nevertheless summer holidays are fast approaching and if your child is not on holiday they most certainly soon will be.  However, what should a parent do if their child's results are below the national expectancy?  Read below 10 ways you can help your child this summer.

  1. Consider getting a tutor (Why not try a free 30 minute taster session with RK Tutors?)
  2. Try to work out why your child is underachieving.  This may involve talking to teaching staff.
  3. Are there other reasons?  Is your child being bullied for example?  Is this affecting their confidence?
  4. Does your child have additional SEN needs that are not being met?  It may be necessary to contact the various services available.
  5. Does your child need glasses?
  6. Set extra work over the summer.
  7. Ensure your child is reading at least 30 minutes daily and you spend time also reading to your child.
  8. Instil an attitude in the house that hard work is rewarded
  9. Ask your teacher for extra work over the summer.
  10. Discover your child's learning style.  How does your child learn best?  Watching videos?  Reading?  Listening?  With others?


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